Advanced ASP.NET Books

Dependency Injection in .NET

Dependency Injection has become one of the most dominant practices in the past decade, and it’s now required knowledge for .NET developers. Dependency Injection in .NET, Second Edition teaches readers to use Dependency Injection to reduce hard-coded dependencies between application components. Readers will dive into thoroughly-explained examples and develop a foundation they can apply to any of the …

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.NET Design Patterns

Explore the world of .NET design patterns and bring the benefits that the right patterns can offer to your toolkit todayAbout This BookDive into the powerful fundamentals of .NET framework for software developmentThe code is explained piece by piece and the application of the pattern is also showcased.This fast-paced guide shows you how to implement the patterns into …

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ASP.Net Security

If you are building web applications or web services with ASP.NET and you want to keep them secure, this is the book for you. This book will show you how to make effective use of the security framework provided by ASP.NET.We cover the key technologies for authentication (identifying users) and authorization (controlling access to recources). We also show …

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Dependency Injection in .NET Core

Key FeaturesIdentify when to use the Constructor, Parameter, Setter, or Interface Injection, for best resultsBuild dependencies not only for MVC within .NET but also for other front-end tools such as AngularCreate specific components or services to cover discrete and separate pieces of functionality and call them when needed.Book Description.NET Core provides more control than ever over web application …

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Building Secure Microsoft® ASP.NET Applications (Developer Reference)

Building secure distributed Web applications can be challenging. It usually involves integrating several different technologies and products—yet your complete application will only be as secure as its weakest link. This guide presents a practical, scenario-driven approach to designing and building security-enhanced ASP.NET applications for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and version 1.1 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. It focuses on …

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ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and Tips

This unique book offers readers invaluable information from the cream of the crop-Microsoft MVPs-who are now sharing undocumented hacks for the first time Packed with superlative advice on ASP, Microsoft’s popular technology for Web sites, this book will help readers become more productive developers, find solutions to problems they thought unsolvable, and develop better applications During their …

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