F# Books

Real-World Functional Programming: With Examples in F#

Syncfusion and functional programming enthusiast Robert Pickering bring you F# , your quick-start guide to the F# programming language. Starting with the classic “Hello World” program and the basics of identifiers, recursion, and operators, and working through to graphics, simulations, and interactive forms, this book is the ideal first step to becoming a fluent F# programmer. F#’s integration . . . → Read More: Real-World Functional Programming: With Examples in F#

Mastering F#

Key FeaturesLearn how to manage, run, and automate your servers using PuppetExplore how to use F# to develop large-scale applications quickly and simply, and become more productive in today’s age of cloud computing and multi-core programmingThis easy-to-follow guide is packed with real-world examples that will jump-start you with F# development on the .NET platformBook DescriptionF# is a multi-paradigm . . . → Read More: Mastering F#

F# High Performance

Key Features Explore the advanced concurrency support in F# and .NET TPL Covers major optimization techniques in F# to improve the performance of applications Use Struct, Class and Record model, Interop with C# and VB without sacrificing performance. Book Description F# is a functional programming language and is used in enterprise applications that demand high performance. It has . . . → Read More: F# High Performance

Learn F#

F# leads to quicker development time and a lower total cost of ownership. Its powerful feature set allows developers to more succinctly express their intent, and encourages best practices – leading to higher quality deliverables in less time. Learn F# is a practical guide for experienced C# and .NET developers that teaches the F# language, tools, techniques, . . . → Read More: Learn F#

F# 4.0 Design Patterns

Key FeaturesThis book provides a path if you are coming from imperative and object-oriented paradigmsIt will take you to an intermediate level of functional programming in very practical manner to write enterprise-quality idiomatic F# codeTackle complex computing problems with simple code by fully embracing the functional-first F# paradigmPacked full of practical coding examples to help you master F# . . . → Read More: F# 4.0 Design Patterns

Beginning F# 4.0

This book is a great foundation for exploring functional-first programming and its role in the future of application development. The best-selling introduction to F#, now thoroughly updated to version 4.0, will help you learn the language and explore its new features.F# 4.0 is a mature, open source, cross-platform, functional-first programming language which . . . → Read More: Beginning F# 4.0

Highly Scalable Systems in .NET: Concurrency in Functional C# and F#

Writing safe concurrent programs has become a principle concern in recent years, as multicore CPUs have become more widespread. Functional languages help developers support concurrency by encouraging immutable data structures that can be passed between threads without having to worry about a shared state and avoiding side effects.This book provides information about how to write readable, more modular, . . . → Read More: Highly Scalable Systems in .NET: Concurrency in Functional C# and F#