On this site you’ll find the best books list covering all aspects of .NET development and suitable as for beginners as well as for professional developers. There are two formats – Paperback or eBook/PDF, which you could download to your Kindle or other device.

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C# 7 and .NET Core: Modern Cross-Platform Development – Second Edition

C# 7 and .NET Core: Modern Cross-Platform Development – Second Edition

Build modern, cross-platform applications with .NET Core. Get up to speed with C#, and up to date with all the latest features of C#. Start creating professional web applications with ASP.NET Core. C# has recently been made open source and now supports cross-platform development for Linux, macOS, and Windows. It can be used to create everything from business applications, websites, and services to games for Android and iOS mobile phones and Xbox One. If you want to build powerful cross-platform applications with C# 7 and .Net Core, then this reading is for you. First, we’ll run you through the basics of C#, as well as object-orient programming, before taking a quick tour through the latest features of C# 7 such as tuples, pattern matching, and out variables. We also look at the features of C# 6 such as string interpolation, exception filtering, and static class imports. We’ll also cover both the full-feature, mature .NET framework and the newer, cross-platform .NET Core. After quickly taking you through C# and how .NET works, we’ll dive into the internals of the .NET class libraries, covering topics such as performance, monitoring, debugging, serialization, and encryption…

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MVC 5 with Bootstrap and Knockout.js: Building Dynamic, Responsive Web Applications

ASP.NET MVC 5 with Bootstrap and Knockout.js: Building Dynamic, Responsive Web Applications

Bring dynamic server-side web content and responsive web design together to build websites that work and display well on any resolution, desktop or mobile. With this practical reading, you’ll learn how by combining the .NET MVC server-side language, the Bootstrap front-end framework, and Knockout.js — the JavaScript implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. Author Jamie Munro introduces these and other related technologies by having you work with sophisticated web forms. At the end, experienced and aspiring web developers alike will learn how to build a complete shopping cart that demonstrates how these technologies interact with each other in a sleek, dynamic, and responsive web application. Build well-organized, easy-to-maintain web applications by letting MVC 5, Bootstrap, and Knockout.js do the heavy lifting. Use MVC 5 to build server-side web applications, interact with a database, and dynamically render HTML…

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Murach’s Web Programming with C# 2015

Murach’s ASP.NET 4.6 Web Programming with C# 2015

If you know the basics of C#, you’re ready to learn to develop server-side web applications with .NET Web Forms…and that’s where this reading comes in: Section 1 is a quick-start course in creating your first Web Forms applications using Visual Studio, with coverage of what HTML5/CSS3 and Bootstrap are doing on the client side…a course that works both for beginners and for experienced web developers who are new to .NET. Section 2 gives you the skills you need for every web application…like how to use the server controls, validate user entries, manage state, use master pages, make .NET work with Bootstrap for responsive layouts, and use friendly URLs. Section 3 presents the skills you need for developing database-driven web applications at a professional level…including how to use SQL data sources, object data sources, and model binding and the Entity Framework with .NET data controls like GridView, DetailsView, FormView, and ListView. Section 4 covers skills that enhance your professionalism…like how to develop secure web pages, authenticate users with .NET Identity, send email, control the use of the Back button, and deploy…

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Pro MVC 5 (Expert’s Voice)

Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 (Expert’s Voice in ASP.Net)

The MVC 5 Framework is the latest evolution of Microsoft’s .NET web platform. It provides a high-productivity programming model that promotes cleaner code architecture, test-driven development, and powerful extensibility, combined with all the benefits of .NET. MVC 5 contains a number of advances over previous versions, including the ability to define routes using C# attributes and the ability to override filters. The user experience of building MVC applications has also been substantially improved. The new, more tightly integrated, Visual Studio 2013 IDE has been created specifically with MVC application development in mind and provides a full suite of tools to improve development times and assist in reporting, debugging and deploying your code. The popular Bootstrap JavaScript library has also now been included natively within MVC 5 providing you, the developer, with a wider range of multi-platform…

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C# 7 and .NET Core Cookbook – Second Edition

C# 7 and .NET Core Cookbook – Second Edition

Key FeaturesEasy-to-follow recipes to get you up-and-running with the new features of C# 7 and .NET Core 1.1. Practical solutions to assist you with microservices and serverless computing in C#. Explore the new Visual Studio environment and write more secure code in it. It will be your solution to some common programming problems that you come across with C# and will also help you get started with .NET Core 1.1. Through a recipe-based approach, it will help you overcome common programming challenges and get your applications ready to face the modern world. We start by running you through new features in C# 7, such as tuples, pattern matching, and so on, giving you hands-on experience with them. Moving forward, you will work with generics and the OOP features in C#. You will then move on to more advanced topics, such as reactive extensions, Regex, code analyzers, and asynchronous programming. It will also cover new, cross-platform .NET Core 1.1 features and teach you how to utilize .NET Core on macOS…

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Professional MVC 5

Professional ASP.NET MVC 5

MVC insiders cover the latest updates to the technology in this popular Wrox reference MVC 5 is the newest update to the popular Microsoft technology that enables you to build dynamic, data-driven websites. Like previous versions, this guide shows you step-by-step techniques on using MVC to best advantage, with plenty of practical tutorials to illustrate the concepts. It covers controllers, views, and models; forms and HTML helpers; data annotation and validation; membership, authorization, and security. MVC 5, the latest version of MVC, adds sophisticated features such as single page applications, mobile optimization, and adaptive rendering A team of top Microsoft MVP experts, along with visionaries in the field, provide practical advice on basic and advanced MVC topics Covers controllers, views, models, forms, data annotations, authorization…

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.NET Core Application Development: Building an application in four sprints (Developer Reference)

ASP.NET Core Application Development: Building an application in four sprints (Developer Reference)

Through four complete sprints, it takes you through every step needed to build brand new cross-platform web apps with .NET Core, and make them available on the Internet. You won’t just master Microsoft’s revolutionary open source .NET Core technology: you’ll learn how to integrate the immense power of MVC, Docker, Azure Web Apps, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Entity Framework. Working through the authors’ carefully designed sprints, you’ll start with a blank canvas, move through software architecture and design, adjusting to user feedback, recovering from mistakes, builds, testing, deployment, maintenance, refactoring, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn techniques for delivering state-of-the-art software to users more rapidly and repeatably than ever before…

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Professional .NET Design Patterns

Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns

This unique reading takes good .NET (MVC/Webforms) application construction one step further by emphasizing loosely coupled and highly cohesive .NET web application architectural design. Each chapter addresses a layer in an enterprise application and shows how proven patterns, principles, and best practices can be leveraged to solve problems and improve the design of your code. In addition, a professional-level, end-to-end case study is used to show how to use best practice design patterns and principles in a real website. Professional .NET Design Patterns: All patterns and principles are applicable to .NET MVC and Web forms. Demonstrates how to use the Gang of Four design patterns to improve your code. Shows how Fowler’s Enterprise patterns and the S.O.L.I.D. design principles fit into an enterprise-level .NET site Provides details on how to layer an .NET application and separate your concerns and responsibilities…

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Dynamic Data Unleashed

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Unleashed

Using Dynamic Data, developers can create powerful, data driven sites with amazing speed and efficiency, eliminating massive amounts of manual coding. This title is the first complete, practical guide to Dynamic Data for every experienced developer. The author thoroughly demystifies Dynamic Data, helping developers understand exactly what they can do with the framework and make it more accessible than ever before. He provides tested code to solve a wide variety of problems, explains how and why that code works, and identifies key trade offs and alternatives. Packed with breakthrough techniques for improving developer productivity, it combines a hands-on tutorial, “drill-down” explanations of advanced techniques, and real-world development scenarios. Detailed information on how to… Use Dynamic Data components to overcome common real-world user interface development challenges…

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Mastering .NET Machine Learning

Mastering .NET Machine Learning

Based on .NET framework 4.6.1, includes examples on .NET Core 1.0. Set up your business application to start using machine learning techniques. Familiarize the user with some of the more common .NET libraries for machine learning. Implement several common machine learning techniques. Evaluate, optimize and adjust machine learning models. It is targeted at .NET developers who want to build complex machine learning systems. Some basic understanding of data science is required. What You Will Learn? Write your own machine learning applications and experiments using the latest .NET Framework, including .NET Core 1.0. Set up your business application to start using machine learning. Accurately predict the future of your data using simple, multiple, and logistic regressions. Discover hidden patterns using decision trees. Acquire, prepare, and combine datasets to drive insights. Optimize business throughput using Bayes Classifier. Discover (more) hidden patterns using k-NN and Naive Bayes…

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  • Best – this selection covering different aspects of .NET programming as .NET Core/4.6/4.5/3.5, MVC 6/5, AJAX, C#, VB.NET, MS SQL Server, LINQ and Webmatrix.
  • For Beginners – if you just start learning .NET, then you could find the basics of Web programming here.
  • ASP.NET Core – It is a new open-source and cross-platform framework for building modern cloud based internet connected applications, such as web apps, IoT apps and mobile backends.
  • .NET 4.6 – Released with Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10.
  • .NET 4.5 – It was released with Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Server 2012 for Windows 8.
  • .NET 4 – Parallel extensions and other .NET Framework 4 features.
  • .NET MVC – It is a web application framework developed by Microsoft, which implements the model–view–controller (MVC) pattern. It is open-source software, apart from the Web Forms component which is proprietary.
  • .NET AJAX – It is a set of extensions to .NET developed by Microsoft for implementing Ajax functionality
  • C# – It (C Sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented, and component-oriented programming disciplines.
  • F# – It (F sharp) is a strongly typed, multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming techniques. F# is most often used as a cross-platform CLI language, but can also be used to generate JavaScript and GPU code.
  • VB.NET – Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language, implemented on the .NET Framework. Microsoft launched VB.NET in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language.
  • MS SQL – Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network.
  • LINQ – Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that adds native data querying capabilities to .NET languages, although ports exist for Java, PHP, JavaScript and ActionScript.
  • Webmatrix – Microsoft WebMatrix is a free, cloud-connected website builder and HTML editor for Windows, geared towards web development. WebMatrix enables developers to build websites using built-in templates or popular open-source applications, with full support for .NET, PHP, Node.js and HTML5.