Basics C#: A book that explains the rules of C # programming language with clarity and simplicity

if (User.Check(description)) {Console.WriteLIne("A book that explains the rules of C # programming language with clarity and simplicity.This book has helped many people to enter the world of C # language used in the development of phone applications, desktop applications, web applications, and other very important uses are necessary language and must learn"); }Introduction : C # is a modern, static, profiling, functional, procedural, procedural, general and orientation oriented language (using rows). It is also subject to the principles of structural-oriented programming and comes with an extensive library and a very large number of users. It has been available in the beta since 2000 before it was officially released in February 2002 at the same time that Microsoft .NET Core is linked to it. C # can work only with this operating environment, and is currently only available on Windows NT, 2000, and XP machines. With a platform. NET, three new languages appeared: C #, VB.VET, JSCRIPT.NET. C # is pretty much a "copy" of Java. VB.NET and JSCRIPT.NET are the Visual Basic and Jscript extensions for the .NET platform. This allows the programs in which you operate a very large set of layers, which are very similar to those within the default Java devices. As an initial approximation, we can say that the .NET platform is a Java-like operating environment. C # has become a good choice for many types of development projects. Rapid application development projects, projects implemented by individuals, large or small teams, Internet applications, and projects with strict reliability requirements The importance of the .NET platform is enormous, both for its breadth and for the associated technological depth. This software development platform has had a significant impact on the software industry, in particular, the productivity of programmers. By breaking the barriers of integration between different programming languages and creating new scenarios for integrating and creating professional applications, .NET drastically changes the landscape in software engineering. The use of open industry standards allows connectivity with the different systems used and allows the DotNet platform to be the basis for companies to deliver their products and services. This book is not a comprehensive book with all the rules but it contains most of the most important ones. It is intended for university students and people who are already familiar with programming and want to learn C #About the author: moml mohmmed reade: Born in the city of Qassim in Babylon, born on 12/6/1990 I am writing this book and I am 19 years old. I would like to say that I am a lover of all fields of software and I am trying to learn what I can do. I would like to learn about modern sciences in addition to the arts and their history. After the first edition of this book has been completed, it is time to leave some words of appreciation to those who made this project possible. Chapter 1 Variables The typical program uses different values that change during execution. For example, we create a program that performs some calculations on the values entered by the user, obviously the values entered by one user will be different from those entered by another user. As in games when we create a variable this variable reads the speed of the player for example First of all, I would like to thank my friend Muamal Mohammed for his acceptance of becoming a co-author of the book, contributing to the text on C # 3.0 and .NET 3.5. Your help has been instrumental in keeping the book updated with the latest developments in the world of the MC platform For my parents, I leave my great gratitude for the education they gave me, to allow me to follow my dreams and the support they gave me in completing the first edition. Because of them I became the woman I am on today. Because of them today, I have the passion to continue giving and to make the utmost ......

Author: moaml mohmmed

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