A Beginner’s Guide to C-Sharp-CH19: Waits, Pauses and Delays (ABGC)

Chapter 19 (73 pages). Surprisingly often, programs need to have a pause, wait, or delay in the code – a place where the program hesitates – perhaps to wait for a disk-cache to flush or to auto-close a dialog. Oddly, C# does not provide a good way to do this and the Internet is abound with suggestions on how to do this - and they are, for the most part wrong. I will give you a hint: It is not the Sleep method – this design is fraught with all kinds of problems.This chapter describes the best way to introduce a pause, wait, or delay in your program. This idea is needed often enough, and is complicated enough, to warrant its own chapter. The end-result will be a rock-solid utility you can use in any Windows program.Topics: Thread.Sleep - a bad idea. Application.DoEvents. Count-Downs. Waits. Timer-events. System.Beep. Intercepting and disabling Close ("X") events. Splash Screens. About this series: A beginner's guide to C-Sharp programming with Microsoft's Visual Studio, 2017. A complete programming guide. Simple, step-by-step, fully illustrated. Tailored for new and novice developers. Discusses basic techniques that all programmers need to learn. This series is sold by Chapters at a low cost. A total of 28 chapters, in three volumes. Over 1800 pages, 900 quality illustrations. Why am I distributing by chapter? To keep the cost down and to keep each section manageable. This book acts as a reference guide. Topics are covered in great detail, with little time spent on theory. The goal of these books are to solve programming problems quickly and efficiently. I hope you enjoy reading and studying these pages as much as I have enjoyed writing them. --TRW

Author: Tim R. Wolf

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