Active Server Pages for Dummies

Ready to create interactive Web pages? Then welcome to Active Server Pages For Dummies, 2nd Edition. In this guide, you'll see exactly what ASP is all about and how it works. You may be a Web site or intranet developer for a company, or the owner of a personal or small business Web site, or a programmer who wants to get in on all the hot new technologies. In any case, you're always looking for ways to make your job easier and your Web site cooler. You probably Know how to use Windows NT or Windows 95/98 and your web server software, at least well enough to get around. Are familiar with HTML and have played around with some advanced tags. Have had at least a little exposure to a scripting language like VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, or REXX. Have worked with a macro language such as you'd find in a spreadsheet or other application. Have actually done some programming in Java, Visual Basic, C, or COBOL. But don't worry. To get the most out of this book, you don't have to be a programmer or an HTML guru. Active Server Pages makes activating your Web site easy. In Active Server Pages For Dummies, you'll discover What Active Server Pages is and how it fits into the world of CGI, ISAPI, ActiveX controls, and all the other Internet stuff that promises to make your Web site more exciting. What you need to know about the programming languages. How to use objects that are a part of your web server to get all sorts of information and to change the way things work. How to access database information from a Web page. What happens after you start to pull together the capabilities to create real Web applications. Active Server Pages is easy. You've heard that said before, only to be overwhelmed with enough confusing gibberish to choke a camel. But with this guide, you can believe it.

Author: Bill Hatfield

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