Adaptive Code: Agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles (2nd Edition) (Developer Best Practices)

By applying the principles in Adaptive Code, Second Edition, you can create code that adapts to new requirements and unforeseen scenarios without significant rework. Gary McLean Hall describes agile best practices, principles, and patterns for designing and writing code that can evolve more quickly and easily, with fewer errors, because it doesn't impede change. This concise, undogmatic book bridges theory and practice, demonstrating its principles and patterns with working C# code examples. Hall helps you: Organize and manage architectural dependencies Leverage best practice patterns -- and avoid anti-patterns Apply SOLID principles: single-responsibility, open/closed, Liskov substitution Manage interface versatility Perform unit testing and refactoring in tandem See how delegation and abstraction impact code adaptability Learn better ways to implement dependency interjection And much more Expanded and updated, this Second Edition adds new coverage of Kanban for BAU, Domain-Driven Design, Hexagonal Architecture, Test-Driven Development, and Test-First methodology. Hall also deepens and updates his discussions of unit testing, refactoring, and Pure Dependency Injection.

Author: Gary McLean Hall

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