ADO: Simple Hello World to Expertise ActiveX Data Objects in 7 Days: Master ADO in 7 Days

ADO is a data access technology from the Microsoft .NET Framework that provides communication between relational and non-relational systems through a common set of components.ADO example and best practice is covered in this book. This book provide complete developer reference for ADO.You can start with Hello World kind of coding to become master within 7 days after reading this ActiveX Data Objects book.What is ADO?•ADO is a Microsoft technology•ADO refers to ActiveX Data Objects ( A ctiveX D ata O bjects )•ADO is a Microsoft Active-X component•ADO will be installed automatically with Microsoft's IIS•ADO is a programming interface for accessing data in a databaseAccess the database from an ASP pageThe usual way to access a database from within an ASP page is:1.Create an ADO connection to the database2.Open database connection3.Create an ADO Recordset4.Extract the data you need from the recordset5.Close the recordset6.Close the connectionContent cover in this ADO Book:Learn ActiveX Data Objects in 7 DaysIntroduction to ADOWhat is ADO?Access the database from an ASP pageADO database connectionCreate a DSN-less database connectionCreate an ODBC database connectionODBC connection to the MS Access databaseADO Connection ObjectADO RecordsetCreate an ADO Table RecordsetCreate an ADO SQL Recordset (ADO SQL Recordset)Extract data from a recordsetADO Recordset ObjectADO displayDisplay field names and field valuesDisplay field names and field values in an HTML tableAdd a title to an HTML tableADO queryInstanceDisplay selected dataADO sortingActivex controlInstanceSort dataADO add recordAdd records to a table in the databaseImportant mattersAbout no data fieldsADO update recordODBC connection to the MS Access databaseUpdate records in a database tableADO delete recordActivexobjectDelete records in the tableADO speeds up scripts with GetString()InstanceMulti-line Response.WriteGetString() methodADO Command objectCommand objectProgIDAttributesmethodsetADO Connection objectConnection objectProgIDAttributesmethodeventsetADO Error objectError objectgrammarAttributesADO Field ObjectField objectProgIDAttributesmethodsetADO Parameter objectParameter objectGrammarAttributesmethodADO Property ObjectProperty objectProgIDAttributesADO Record objectRecord object (ADO version 2.5)grammarAttributesmethodsetThe properties of the Fields collectionADO Recordset ObjectInstanceRecordset objectProgIDAttributesmethodEventsetThe properties of the Fields collectionProperties of the Properties collectionADO Stream ObjectStream object (ADO version 2.5)grammarAttributesmethodADO Data TypeYou have already learned ADO, what's next?ADO overviewYou have already learned ADO, what's next?Example Code with output:Code to display records in an HTML tableSearch records with "Companyname" starting with A:Show records with "Companyname" greater than EShow only USA customersLet users choose filtersSort ascending according to the specified field nameSort ascending according to the specified field nameSort descending according to the specified field nameLet the user choose to sort by that columnRecordset object GetRowsRecordset object GetString

Author: Divyah Bala

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