Advanced programming in VBA-Excel for beginners: With examples of DLL libraries and Add-Ins in Visual Basic .NET

It has never been so important, as now, to know some programming language. Additionally, what in the past was perhaps an indispensable skill for anyone studying a technical career, has now become indispensable for almost any professional.On the other hand, a good part of professionals around the world use Excel to a greater or lesser extent. Although it is a great tool, many do not even imagine that Excel can take them much further, to the point that it can even do tasks for them. It is only necessary to give it the instructions and Excel then becomes one of the most powerful data processing tools that exists.It is true, there are still many people who think that programming is only for geniuses. Nothing further from reality. This book wants you to become a programmer, with enough skills to be able to automate many tasks that you may do manually today.Do not fear the word "advanced" in the title. What I meant by it is that you can program advanced applications, in a very easy way, without having to buy a book for beginners, then an intermediate and then an advanced one. All the exercises in the book are explained in detail so that you can see, at all times, how your exercises are going.

Author: Dorian Oria

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