Advanced Visual Basic.NET: Programming Web and Desktop Applications in ADO.NET and ASP.NET

This book teaches Visual Basic programming with a focus on the most required skills in the industry. It enables readers to develop awareness of the concepts behind Visual Basic through hands-on teaching. Each chapter presents a short theory basis of the topic to be covered and then involves readers directly into a guided Visual Basic project building activity. Extensive coverage of material current in the industry provides readers with industry-crucial material including Internet programming and incorporating database programming into programming applications. Website provides updated examples and revisions as new versions of Visual Basic and patches are released. CD-ROM provides readers with sample programs, exercises for reinforcement and practice, and detailed solutions to the programming examples in the text. Hands-on programming approach trains readers to effectively code in Visual Basic. Programming hints provided throughout highlight for readers those important programming ideas that improve the way readers write and understand code. For Visual Basic programmers and trainers.

Author: David Gefen

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