Angular 5.0: ASP.NET Core 2.0 and Web API with Examples

Angular 5.0 ASP.NET Core 2.0 and Entity Framework present a fast jump start for developers who wants to create modern web application with latest web technologies using Visual Studio 2017 ASP.NET Core 2.0 and Angular. We will create Angular SPA with ASP.NET Web API (REST) responsive design Simple Employee CRUD web application and Angular multi component Product Sale and Payment Processing Web Application. We also have fully functional Employee Angular Database Web application using SQL Server. We learn best tools for verifying and testing Application APIs. Course ObjectivesAfter completing this course, you will be able to:•Create Visual Studio Solution•Create Angular 5 Template Project.•Write functions•Know well How to use Developer Tools •Know definition of JavaScript•Know definition of jQuery•Know definition of TypeScript•Know definition of Angular•Code Angular Components •Create an Angular Service Layer•Update Angular AppModule•Update Angular Route Module•Pass Data Between Components Using @Output, @Input and EventEmitter In Angular•Create an Angular Credit Card Processing application with REST Web APIs •Know difference between single quotes and double quotes•Know difference between JavaScript object vs JSON syntax•Know difference between JSON and XML•Know the difference between identity and equality operator•Performance improvement•Create a new Web API controller•Write HttpGet API method•Write HttpPost API method•Write HttpPut API method•Write HttpDelete API method•Consume NuGet packages•Add dependency Injection•Write JavaScript classes•Debug C# code•Configure API routes•Debug API calls•Test API calls•Testing HTTP GET APIs•Testing HTTP POST APIs•Testing HTTP PUT APIs•Testing HTTP DELETE APIs•Testing with Postman•Testing with Chrome Developers Tool•Setting of project default IIS values •Set start controller Route to Home Index method.•Create SPA (Single Page Application) with Responsive Web Design•Override Bootstrap css.•Interface •Class•Generic•async/await•DataContext •Overriding onModelCreating•Creating a new insert item•Updating an Item•Deleting an Item •Writing HttpPost Create API method.•Writing HttpPut Update API method.•Writing HttpPost Delete API method.•Use Postman to test REST APIs (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE)•Consuming Entity Framework Core 2, SQL Databases.•DbContext•DbSet•DataContext•One-To-Many •Inserting Data/Updating data/Deleting records•Modifying launchsettings.json•Setting your custom port number•Modifying appsettings.json file•async/await•Overriding onModelCreating•Lab Exercises to practice learned materials

Author: John Kocer

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