ASP Classic – ASP SQL Database Coding

ASP Classic. What an amazing language! ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP is a language that works with HTML to allow your pages to become even more dynamic and useful than before. You don't need to recode all of your existing pages. You simply add new functionality to the site you already maintain.If you are developing a website, a SQL database can add incredible new functionality to every aspect of what you do. You can provide product lists, newsletter subscribes, and much more.This ebook walks you through step by step on how to choose a hosting company to use and how to work with your chosen database software. It teaches you the basics of how to select, insert, update and delete data. The selection instructions get into a variety of situations - selecting with WHERE clauses, selecting with groups, even selecting from multiple tables.There is a full section on designing and building a newsletter system and membership database.There are many code examples to get you started. You will learn how to* Get live traffic counters* create your own polls* Provide online fortune cookies and random quotes* customize your 500 error pageIn addition, the ebook gives you guidance on optimizing your SQL statements for quick processing, and steps through troubleshooting and dealing with common errors.A must have for anyone looking to bring database functionality to their website!

Author: Lisa Shea

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