ASP Classic – Introduction to ASP

ASP Classic. What an amazing language! ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP is a language that works with HTML to allow your pages to become even more dynamic and useful than before. You don't need to recode all of your existing pages. You simply add new functionality to the site you already maintain.With ASP you can easily create and maintain a membership database, send newsletters out to your members, and even make sure the email addresses you are getting are valid.In this ebook you get step by step instructions on how to develop your own ASP website, complete with function listings, a tutorial, and sample code. There are listings of common errors and how to avoid them, and an entire section on working with and handling mail situations. You'll learn how to send text mail, HTML mail, how to create "Send-a-Friend" functionality, how to send attachments, how to take in email addresses to build a membership list, and much, much more.Best of all, if you get stuck, I have over fifteen years experience with ASP Classic and I'm happy to help.This is a must-have for any website owner who would like their website to be more useful and user-friendly!

Author: Lisa Shea

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