ASP.NET 4.5 Unleashed

The most comprehensive book on Microsoft's ASP.NET 4.5 platform, ASP.NET 4.5 Unleashed covers all facets of ASP.NET development and has been fully updated for Visual Studio 2013. It offers both an outstanding tutorial on core features and a "deep dive" for long-term reference.   Former Microsoft ASP.NET program manager Stephen Walther and leading enterprise developer Nate Dudek begin by introducing ASP.NET Framework's essential controls, and show how to create common site-wide layouts and styles. Next, they cover all aspects of accessing, presenting, organizing, and editing data. You'll find thorough and practical sections on providing effective site navigation, securing sites and applications, and much more. This edition's extensive new coverage includes: Building ASP.NET Web API applications Building ASP.NET applications for mobile devices Making the most of new asynchronous programming techniques Building real-time multi-user applications with SignalR Protecting sites from hacks and attacks Using strongly-typed data controls and model binding Leveraging JavaScript frameworks and modern techniques to build world-class AJAX solutions Following the same approach that has made previous editions of this book a best-seller, Walther and Dudek present hundreds of realistic, up-to-date, downloadable code examples that reflect their unsurpassed experience with the entire ASP.NET platform.

Author: Stephen Walther

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