Introduction to ASP.NET 4 AJAX Client Templates (Wrox Blox)

This Wrox Blox will teach you how to create and customize ASP.NET 4 AJAX Preview 4 Client Templates. The author shows you how to use declarative as well as imperative data-binding techniques to address the simple to advanced UI requirements. He also covers how the observer pattern is fully implemented in ASP.NET 4 AJAX and, when used in conjunction with the Client Template markup extensions, provides a developer experience much like XAML-based applications like WPF and Silverlight. This Wrox Blox walks you through how to implement examples that fetch data from ASP.NET Web Forms using Page Methods and ASP.NET MVC controller actions, as well as interfacing directly with ADO.NET Data Services.  Table of Contents What’s New in ASP.NET 4 AJAX Preview 4 1 What Are Client Templates? 1 Environment Setup 3 Scripts Files 3 DataView 3 Updating a DataView 8 Data-Binding Syntax 10 Observer Pattern in JavaScript 16 Update the List Editor 19 Create the Page 20 Template Manipulation 23 Pseudo-Columns 24 Code Injection 24 Fetching Data from the Server 27 Using ASP.NET Page Methods 28 Using an ASP.NET MVC Controller Action 30 Using ADO.NET Data Services 31 Wrapping Up 39 About Craig Shoemaker 40

Author: Craig Shoemaker

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