ASP .NET Bible

"Comprising far more than an updated reference for Web application development, the ASP.NET Bible provides crucial guidance on leveraging the significant advances ASP.NET represents for the Web developer."-Michael Lane Thomas, .NET Series Editor 100% Comprehensive Authoritative What you need * Harness the power of ASP.NET for next-generation Web applications * Build, deploy, and run distributed applications targeting any device * Master ASP.NET development using both Visual Basic .NET and C# * If ASP.NET can do it, you can do it too . . . Completely revamped for the .NET Platform, ASP.NET is an indispensable tool for creating the next generation of Web applications and Web Services. This comprehensive resource gives you in-depth guidance for building dynamic, data-driven applications tailored to any browser or device. Whether you're a seasoned ASP developer or a Web development newcomer, you'll find the real-world techniques and insights you need to take ASP.NET programming to the next level. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of ASP.NET * Get up to speed fast on ASP.NET development with both Visual Basic .NET and C# * Build forms with Web Controls, including Rich Web Controls like AdRotator and Calendar * Debug ASP.NET pages - and learn how to write high-quality code * Master ASP.NET database programming with ADO.NET and SQL Server * Bind data and controls with XML * Develop, deploy, and use business objects * Create secure wireless applications using ASP.NET mobile controls * Use ASP.NET to build, deploy, and publishWeb Services Companion Web site includes source code from the book: * Test your Web Service prior to deployment with the Web Service help page * Learn how to use page output caching with ASP.NET Reader Level: Beginning to Advanced Shelving Category: Programming/Web Development

Author: Mridula Parihar

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