ASP.NET Core Essentials

ASP.NET Core Essentials

Key FeaturesDevelop modern web applications from scratchIntegrate server-side and client-side code with modern toolsBe prepared for the real world with unit tests and cloud deploymentBook DescriptionASP.NET Core is the latest collection of Microsoft s web application development technologies. When you re trying to reach a broad spectrum of users with a robust web application, ASP.NET Core is there to help you build that application. With the ability to cater to users on desktop, tablet, or smartphone platforms, you can put together a solution that works well anywhere.This book is what you need to get started developing ASP.NET Core applications was quickly as possible; starting by introducing the software and how it can be used in today s modern world of web applications and smartphone apps. Walking you through the benefits of a Web API to support both applications and mobile apps to give you a solid understanding of the tech to build upon as you see what ASP.NET Core can do for you.The book wraps up with practical guidelines for the use of database technologies, unit tests, security best practices, and cloud deployments for the real world.What you will learnDevelop ASP.NET web applications from scratchUse MVC to build all parts of a web applicationUse Web API to support browsers and mobile appsSimplify development with client-side toolsUse Entity Framework to integrate with your databaseImplement Dependency Injection to build testable softwareBuild web solutions with performance and security in mindDeploy to the cloud and scale with easeAbout the AuthorShahed Chowdhuri has over 18 years of experience in the field of professional software development, and is currently a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Corporation. He began his career with what is now known as Classic ASP, and worked with ASP.NET as it continued to evolve over the years. He is a public speaker in the DC metro area and along the East Coast of the United States. He serves as a mentor for startups and indie developers at 1776 DC, and also manages multiple developer groups on Facebook and Meetup. You can find him blogging at or on Twitter via @shahedC.

Author: Shahed Chowdhuri

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