ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web API For Beginners: How to Build A Web API (Volume 2)

Want to learn how to build ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web APIs? Prerequisites: * C# (Intermediate level; including Generics, Reflection and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)) Need help? Feel free to contact me at: Code: Errata: This book is primarily aimed at developers who want to learn how to build ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web APIs; no user interface will be built; instead, you will use a tool called Postman to make requests and to receive responses from the Web API. You should be an intermediate level C# developer with some experience in object-oriented programming (OOP), generics, and reflection. The book presupposes that you have a solid C# foundation since the language won’t be explained in any detail. You will learn ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web API by building three services that handle data used in four controllers. An empty template will be used to build the Web API application from the ground up. The goal is to get you familiar with ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web API by adding middleware and services one piece at a time, building a basic application. The first service will use in-memory data stored in collections to make it easier for you to learn Web API basics. The second service will implement the same interface that the in-memory service uses to interact with a SQL Server database using Entity Framework. The third service will be generic, using reflection in one of its methods. Generics will make it possible to reuse the same methods when interacting with all tables in the database instead of creating a set of methods for each table. The content in this book will get you started with Web APIs in a fast, no-fluff way. It’s important to mention that this book is practical and tactical, where you will learn as you progress through the modules and build a real Web API step-by-step. To spare you countless pages of fluff (filler material), only valuable information, pertinent to the task at hand, is discussed. The benefit is a shorter and more condensed book, which will save you time and give you a more enjoyable experience. The goal is to learn ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web API by implementing three different scenarios in a Web API application from scratch using an empty project template. This experience is something you can put in your CV when applying for a job or a consultant position, or when negotiating a higher salary. Technologies, frameworks and languages you will use: * Postman (To send requests and receive responses from the Web API) * Visual Studio 2017 * ASP.NET Core 1.1 MVC/Web API (The framework that you will use) * Services (To provide you own functionality as a reusable service) * Middleware (To provide you own functionality to HTTP Request pipeline) * Entity Framework (To crate and communicate with a database) * LINQ (To query the database) * Dependency Injection (To inject objects into constructors) * NuGet (To install necessary libraries) What you will implement: * A Web API application from an empty template. * Create a "real world" code-first database using Entity Framework Core. * Add and modify entity models to perform CRUD operations against the database. I hope you love the book! Sincerely, Jonas Fagerberg Now click the Buy button and start reading the book.

Author: Jonas Fagerberg

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