ASP.NET Core 2 High Performance – Second Edition

Key FeaturesLearn high-level performance improvement techniques using ASP.NET core 2.0.Find the right balance between premature optimization and inefficient code.Design workflows that run asynchronously and are resilient to transient performance issues.Book DescriptionASP.NET Core 2.0 is a modular framework used to develop high performance web applications that work cross-platform. It implements .NET Standard 2.0 which allows the use of missing .NET Framework pieces within ASP.NET.This book will address high-level performance improvement techniques by understanding and resolving challenges upfront rather than deferring them until deployment. We start with locating and solving the most common problems. Next, we move to resolving the issues arising out of application’s deployment on network, making the application more responsive and speedy. With the common and network-related issues addressed, we move to optimize the code and learn the merits of utilizing various data structures.By the end of this book, you will be looking at fixing and optimizing performance, and you will also learn how this affects the complexity of the application. As a parting note, you will see a few highly advanced techniques introduced for further speeding up of the application.What you will learnUnderstand the key aspects of ASP.NET Core 2.0 and how it differs from its predecessor.Address performance issues at the early stages of development.Set up development environment on the three common platforms namely the Windows, Mac and Linux.Measure, profile and find the most impactful problems that you encounter while developing web applications.Identify the differences between development workstations and production infrastructure and how these can amplify problems.Boost performance of your application but with an eye on how it affects the complexity of the application.Explore a few advanced techniques like advanced hashing, custom transport for further enhancing the performance. About the AuthorJames Singleton has been writing software since the days of the BBC Micro and has worked professionally in the .NET development ecosystem for almost a decade. He holds a 1st class degree with honours in electronic engineering and has designed and built his own (4 bit) microprocessor on an FPGA, along with a custom instruction set to run on it. He has a keen interest in information security and compression algorithms (particularly for media).James has worked for many different companies on lots of varied and large scale software projects, from stock exchanges to video encoding systems. He is part of the alternative Microsoft development (ALT.NET) and startup communities. James contributes to and is influenced by many open source projects and uses diverse technologies such as Python, Ruby and Linux. He is enthusiastic about the direction that Microsoft is taking .NET and their embracing of open source practices.When not hacking on code or writing for books and magazines James enjoys skiing, rock climbing and craft beer. He also enjoys making Internet of Things projects, usually with a Raspberry Pi. His personal blog can be found at and he also runs the email list. This aims to get developers, engineers, managers and data scientists into roles that can help tackle climate change and other environmental problems.

Author: James Singleton

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