ASP.NET Core 3 and React: Hands-On full stack web development using ASP.NET Core, React, and TypeScript 3

Build modern, scalable, and cloud-ready single-page applications using ASP.NET Core, React, TypeScript, and Azure Key Features Explore the full potential and latest features of .NET Core 3.0, TypeScript 3, and React Learn how to manage data, application design, and packaging, and secure your web apps Discover best practices for using React and TypeScript to build a scalable frontend that interacts with REST APIs Book Description Microsoft's ASP.NET Core is a robust and high-performing cross-platform web API framework, and Facebook's React uses declarative JavaScript to drive a rich, interactive user experience on the client-side web. Together, they can be used to build full stack apps with enhanced security and scalability at each layer. This book will start by taking you through React and TypeScript components to build an intuitive single-page application. You'll understand how to design scalable REST APIs that can integrate with a React-based frontend. You'll get to grips with the latest features, popular patterns, and tools available in the React ecosystem, including function-based components, React Router, and Redux. The book shows how you can use TypeScript along with React to make the frontend robust and maintainable. You'll then cover important .NET Core features such as API controllers, attribute routing, and model binding to help you build a sturdy backend. Additionally, you'll explore API security with ASP.NET Core identity and authorization policies, and write reliable unit tests using both .NET Core and React before you deploy your app to the Azure cloud. By the end of the book, you'll have gained all the knowledge you need to enhance your C# and JavaScript skills and build full stack, production-ready applications with ASP.NET Core and React. What you will learn Build RESTful APIs with .NET Core using API controllers Create strongly typed, interactive, and function-based React components using Hooks Build forms efficiently using reusable React components Perform client-side state management with Redux and the React Context API Secure REST APIs with ASP.NET identity and authorization policies Run a range of automated tests on the frontend and backend Implement continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) processes into Azure using Azure DevOps Who this book is for If you're a web developer looking to build solid full-stack web applications with .NET Core and React, this book is for you. Although this book does not assume any knowledge of React, you're expected to have a basic understanding of .NET Core.Table of Contents Understanding the ASP.NET Core React Template Creating Decoupled React and ASP.NET Core Apps Getting Started with React and TypeScript Routing with React Router Working with Forms Managing State with Redux Interacting with the Database with Dapper Creating REST API Endpoints Creating a Real-Time API with SignalR Improving Performance and Scalability Securing the Backend Interacting with RESTful APIs Adding Automated Tests Configuring and Deploying to Azure Implementing CI and CD with Azure DevOps

Author: Carl Rippon

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