ASP.NET MVC 6 Cookbook

ASP.NET MVC 6 Cookbook

Key FeaturesPractical solutions to recurring issues in the web development worldFully up-to-date with recipes on the latest features of ASP .NET MVC 6Coverage of Bootstrap, Angular, and JavaScript, lets you super-charge your front-endBook DescriptionThe ASP.NET MVC 6 Framework has been designed to meet all the needs of today's web developers. It provides better control, support for test-driven development, and cleaner code. Moreover, it's lightweight and allows you to run apps on OSX and Linux, making it the most popular web framework with modern day developers.This book takes a unique approach to web development, using real-world examples to guide you through problems with MVC 6 web applications. It covers VS2015- and MVC 6-specific changes and provides general MVC development recipes. It explores setting up .NET core, Visual Studio 2015, Node.js modules, and NuGet. Next, it shows you how to work with Ioc data and caching. We will explore everyday ASP.NET MVC patterns and go beyond ASP.NET MVC into troubleshooting. Finally we will lead you through migrating, hosting, and deploying your code.By the end of the book, you'll not only have explored every aspect of ASP.NET MVC, you'll also have a reference you can keep coming back to whenever you need to get the job done.What you will learnBuild Asp.Net MVC 6 applications using Http services with WebApiGet acquainted with everyday ASP.NET MVC patternsIntegrate SignalR into your projects for real-time data transferLearn to unit-test, load-test and perform test applications using client-side and server-side frameworksDebug, monitor, and troubleshoot Asp.Net MVC 6 applications using the most popular tools and frameworksGet familiar with critical web application security flaws and develop secure applications using Identity and OAuthUtilize cross-platform compilers and IDEs on different operating systemsReuse components with NuGet and create modular components with middlewareCreate Asp.Net MVC 6 applications using client-side technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Ajax, and AngularJSBuild responsive and dynamic UIs for your MVC apps by including BootstrapWork with tools such as Karma, Jasmine, QUnit, xUnit, Selenium, Microsoft Fakes, and Visual Studio 2015 EnterpriseAbout the AuthorStephane Belkeheraz is professional software developer with over 16 years' web development experience. He spends his time developing, testing, and architecting exclusive ASP.NET applications with WebForms, MVC, SQL Server, native JavaScript, AngularJS, and all open-source frameworks around the ASP.NET ecosystem.Stephane also develops, integrates, and creates multimedia applications with numerous technologies including Flash, ActionScript, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. He has worked as an independent consultant and developer for several companies across France, Spain, and Belgium before joining Microsoft France as a Project Manager. He currently works as a senior software engineer at the MCNEXT Consulting Company in Paris.

Author: Stephane Belkeheraz

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