Basic C# for beginners by a beginner: Complete with 7 exercises to write complete programs

Learn how to master the basic concepts of C#Have you tried to study C# and found that you are getting no where? If so this is the book for you!This book was written by a beginner for beginners, each section covers a basic topic of C# and explains what is going on in simple terms for you to understand the code.This book will teach you:C# basicsCreating data typesCreating variablesUsing operators Conditional statements like loopsArraysListsand so much more! This book really does cover all the basics you will need to know!The best part about this book?You code along with the book, there is a lot of hands on coding in the book with examples for you to follow. If that is not enough there are 7 programs you write in the book helping you learn! Example programs you learn to code;Maths quizA buying and selling text gameA tracker for your billsAnd a few more!I believe this book will really help you learn C# and also it will help you at a price that is fair!Why not buy a copy today!

Author: Jack Flash

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