Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0

What is this book about? ASP is the future of the web. If you're looking for a way to create attractive, intelligent web pages or, if you're just looking for a way to extend your HTML know-how, then ASP is an effective way to achieve your goals. With ASP, you can customize your web pages to be more dynamic, more efficient and more responsive to your users. It's not just a technology, though — to get the best out of ASP, you'll be using it in tandem with HTML, and with one or more of the web's simple scripting languages. The book will teach you everything you need to create useful real-world applications on the web. What does this book cover? Teaches VBScript as an integral part of learning to use ASP Describes how to make your pages more dynamic with HTML and script code Covers writing and debugging script code Explains how to set up ASP, what software to use, and how to administer your pages Shows how you can access databases to give dynamically updated web pages Introduces object-based programming and shows you how to use ASP objects Provides the foundation for you to write useful, real-world dynamic web pages Includes a fully worked sample application to demonstrate the power of ASP Loaded with examples and useful tips Introduces XML, one of the latest web programming technologies, and explains its use in conjunction with ASP Who is this book for? This book is for anybody with a grasp of HTML who wants to add more to their web pages. It also covers VBScript — a simple Internet programming language. This makes it the ideal first step for the aspiring web professional. It's also useful for more experienced programmers looking for a practical, no-nonsense introduction to ASP and programming for the web. What do you need to use this book? To get the most out of this book you should be running Windows 2000, which includes ASP 3 — the latest version of this popular technology.

Author: David Buser

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