Beginning ASP.NET Databases using VB.NET

For a web site to offer its users an experience that improves on that of newspapers or textbooks, it needs a way to change the information it contains dynamically - and that means it needs access to a data source. Through the combination of ASP.NET and ADO.NET, Microsoft provides everything necessary to access, read from, and write to a database, and then allow web users to view and manipulate that data from a web browser. In this book, we'll show you how it's done. Packed with clear explanations and hands-on examples, Beginning ASP.NET Databases contains everything you'll need on your journey to becoming a confident, successful programmer of data-driven web sites. In particular, we'll look at: * Connecting to common data sources, including SQL Server and MS Access * Reading data with data reader and dataset objects * Creating and deleting records, and editing data * Displaying data with ASP.NET's web server controls * Writing and using stored procedures from VB.NET code * Placing your data access code in reusable class libraries The book closes with a real-world case study that consolidates the tutorials throughout the book into a practical result.

Author: John Kauffman

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