Beginning WPF 4.5 by Full Example with VB.NET Vol 3

This book is volume 3 of our WPF Series. It will quickly show you (by full example) how to create fully functional WPF applications using VB.NET, XAML, and Visual Studio 2010 or 2012, SQL Server 2012, LINQ, Entity Framework, and the DataGrid. The examples in this book will include every single line of code that is required to execute. No assumptions will be made. The decision to write this book came from the need and frustration with finding real usable solutions. The purpose of this book is to “Learn by Full Example”. This is accomplished by eliminating lengthy useless explanations. Most developers prefer to learn by coding and not by reading boring long and drawn out text. If you need more details at any point, then refer to Microsoft's MSDN website. There you will find all the Microsoft detailed references. The goal is to save the next person from this same frustration. Most real world .NET development projects do not allow a developer to click wizards and create an application, based on requirements, by the private or government sector. In order to be a professional .NET developer in these situations one must be an expert with all aspects of code in WPF. That is with the language you are programming, the declarative markup code, and the SQL language for the database. One must also understand the definition of each of the property settings used for each user control. In additional to the classes that defines each user control. These are the prerequisites for becoming a successful professional .NET developer.

Author: Stephen Thomas

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