Getting Started with Knockout.js for .NET Developers

Unleash the power of Knockout.js to build complex ASP.NET web applicationsAbout This BookCreate complex cross-browser web applications the easy waySeparate UI code from business logic with the Model View ViewModel () patternBuild a powerful client-side application step by step with Knockout MVCWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for .NET developers who want to use the design pattern to create powerful client-side JavaScript linked to server-side C# logic. Basic experience with ASP.NET, Razor, and creating web applications is needed.What You Will LearnWork with observable arrays, special bindings, and computed observablesCreate a model in C# and connect it with the MVVM structure in JavaScriptIntegrate the Knockout.js library into ASP.NET applicationsConfigure tmux and customize it for your needsMigrate your entire business logic to the server side with Knockout MVCUnderstand and use basic MVVM concepts such as declarative bindings and observable propertiesDiscover special Knockout.js concepts such as regions, complex bindings, combined contexts, and moreLeverage the key features of Knockout.js such as declarative bindings, templating, and dependency tracking in ASP.NET applicationsIn DetailKnockout MVC is a library for ASP.NET MVC that helps developers to move their entire business logic to the server.With practical and accessible guidance, you will learn the skills necessary to successfully create Knockout.js-based applications of varying complexity.Beginning with a vital overview of Knockout.js, including the MVVM design pattern, you will create a simple but powerful application capable of integrating with ASP.NET MVC as well as gain a thorough understanding of the Knockout MVC library. From this starting point, you will explore great advanced features that can be used in pure Knockout.js applications and server ASP.NET MVC logic, such as regions and complex bindings, as well as how to use the MVMM design pattern to create powerful sites separating the model, logic, and view layers.

Author: Andrey Akinshin

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