Mastering ASP.NET Web API

Mastering ASP.NET Web API

Key FeaturesGet a comprehensive analysis of the latest specification of ASP.NET MVC and all the changes to the underlying platform that you need to know to make the most of the web APISee an advanced coverage of ASP.NET Web API to create robust models for your data, create controllers, and handle routing and securityThis book is packed with key theoretical and practical concepts that can be instantly applied to build professional applications using API with AngularJS 2 and BootstrapBook DescriptionWith ASP.NET MVC 6, Microsoft is unifying their main web development platforms. This unification will help develop web applications using various pieces of the ASP.NET platform as per the requirements of the developers.Mastering ASP.NET Web API starts with the building blocks of the MVC 6 Web API, then gradually moves on to implementing various HTTP routing strategies in Web API. We then focus on the key components of building applications that employ Web API such as OWIN and Project Katana. Finally, we explore how Web API can be consumed in a browser as well as by mobile applications by utilizing Angular 2 and Bootstrap.By the end of this book, you will be able to apply best practices to develop complex front-end applications and deploy these applications to a modern hosting infrastructure.What you will learnAcquire conceptual and hands-on knowledge of ASP.NET MVC 6's Web APIExplore OWIN and Project KatanaOptimize Web API implementationsDevelop a secure Web API interfaceDeploy Web API projects to various platformsEnsure your web application based on Angular 2 and Bootstrap flourishesImplement and explore the current trends in service architectureAbout the AuthorDarren Sim isis currently working in the software development function of an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting, and other services to SMBs. Having been a Microsoft MVP for almost a decade, Darren has spoken in over 50 international and regional technology conferences including VSLive, TechEd, and Remix, among others; mainly on web development topics.Darren is fluent in C#, Java, and PHP, and has developed software for accounting practices, defence, education and logistics sectors, as well as big data analytics (semantics). Darren has published two scientific papers on RFID security, and was a member of the Microsoft Developer Guidance Web Advisory Council.Malendra Hurbuns is a senior software developer at an Australian Company. He has been developing in .Net for over 15 years. He mentors other developers and is involved in all aspects of development. He is loves writing simple code that has a high quality. He is one of the pioneers in Web API in his role and has implemented many live systems using ASP.Net Web APIs. TDD is also keen in his heart. He has worked in the accounting, banking, and simulation industries, which has provided him with a wealth of experience. You can find him on LinkedIn at

Author: Darren Sim

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