F# Books

Learning F# Functional Data Structures and Algorithms

Get started with F# and explore functional programming paradigm with data structures and algorithms About This BookDesign data structures and algorithms in F# to tackle complex computing problemsUnderstand functional programming with examples and easy-to-follow code samples in F#Provides a learning roadmap of the F# ecosystem with succinct illustrationsWho This Book Is For If you have just started your …

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Building Web, Cloud, and Mobile Solutions with F#

Learn how to build key aspects of web, cloud, and mobile solutions by combining F# with various .NET and open source technologies. With helpful examples, this hands-on book shows you how to tackle concurrency, asynchrony, and other server-side challenges. You’ll quickly learn how to be productive with F#, whether you want to integrate the language into your existing …

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F# for Quantitative Finance

An introductory guide to utilizing F# for quantitative finance leveraging the .NET platform Overview Learn functional programming with an easy-to-follow combination of theory and tutorials Build a complete automated trading system with the help of code snippets Use F# Interactive to perform exploratory development Leverage the .NET platform and other existing tools from Microsoft using F# …

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F# Deep Dives

SummaryF# Deep Dives presents a collection of real-world F# techniques, each written by expert practitioners. Each chapter presents a new use case where you’ll read how the author used F# to solve a complex problem more effectively than would have been possible using a traditional approach. You’ll not only see how a specific solution works in a specific …

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Programming F# 3.0

Why learn F#? With this guide, you’ll learn how this multi-paradigm language not only offers you an enormous productivity boost through functional programming, but also lets you develop applications using your existing object-oriented and imperative programming skills. You’ll quickly discover the many advantages of the language, including access to all the great tools and libraries of the .NET …

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Real-World Functional Programming: With Examples in F# and C#

Functional programming languages like F#, Erlang, and Scala are attracting attention as an efficient way to handle the new requirements for programming multi-processor and high-availability applications. Microsoft’s new F# is a true functional language and C# uses functional language features for LINQ and other recent advances. Real-World Functional Programming is a unique tutorial that explores the functional programming …

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