Building an RPG with Unity 5.x

Key FeaturesLearn to build a multiplayer real-time strategy game from scratch using UnityGain knowledge of Unity’s UI system to build complex user interfacesSee how to build and customize your framework for your RPG gamesBook DescriptionUnity is one of the most cutting-edge game engine in the world. Developers are looking for the best ways to create games of any genre in the engine. This comprehensive guide on building an RPG with Unity teaches you high-end techniques currently used in developing modern games. The tips, tricks, and techniques can be applied to your own role RPG.We begin with an introduction to, and the fundamentals of, RPG games. Moving further, you will learn the necessary parts of building an RPG, such as structuring the game environment, customizing characters, controlling the camera, and designing other attributes like inventory, weapons, and so on.We also cover designing levels of the game by adding more features to it and making the game more interesting. You will also learn how to get around the obstacle of networking in Unity and be able to implement Multi-Player mode for your RPG games.By the end of the book, you will be able to build upon core the RPG framework elements to create your own game experience.What you will learnConstruct a framework for inventory, equipment, characters, enemies, quests, and game eventsSee how to load and unload scenes and assetsCreate multiplayer game settings for our RPGDesign a UI for user input and feedbackEnhance Game Master to handle all aspects of the RPGDevelop a custom pathfinding systemImplement AI for character and non-character playersAbout the AuthorVahé Karamian holds Master's degree in computer science. His interests include finding out how to enhance Virtual Learning through Virtual Worlds and 3D environments. He has developed and taught computer science courses since 2011. Topics include Introduction to Computer Science, Java, C#, Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Game Design, and programming.You can find him on LinkedIn at other books by him at can read his article at

Author: Vahé Karamian

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