Building Single Page Application Using ASP.NET Core & Angular

Let me put this part first. Building Single Page App using ASP.NET Core and Angular is not at all meant for freshers or for those who just started programming. Building Single Page App using ASP.NET Core and Angular is written in such a way, that while reading you will be building fully functional End-To-End app which you will be starting from basics to advanced concepts in every area. This book uses tons of concepts like Solid Principles, Repository Pattern, Unit of Work Pattern, Entity Framework, Design Principles and many other things to name a few. Hence, Author expects to have basic knowledge around these technology stacks to understand the book completely. This book is all about building industry standard application by coupling variety of technologies together. Hence, readers are expected to have basic knowledge on the same.Angular is used as Single Page Framework for client side. Soon after Angular creation in 2009, AngularJS grew like widely popular framework for building Single Page Application. It started with AngularJS, where in AngularJS still exists and it will remain for the years to come. Now a days it’s also known as Angular 1. In order to make this framework more robust and lightning fast, google overhauled this framework completely and decided to change the architecture. They re-written entire framework in Typescript, which means type system is baked in into its core. Angular is wholly different component written for futuristic web. It is written on top of ES6, web components, web workers, reactive programming and Typescript to name a few. Modularity is the key concept in Angular on which everything is built around. It also offers bountiful collection of configuration and tooling which makes an Angular app very fast.

Author: Chander Dhall

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