Building Web Applications with Visual Studio 2017: Using .NET Core and Modern JavaScript Frameworks

Learn how to build web applications from three Microsoft MVPs. You will be able to compare and contrast several frameworks and select the best one for your needs.With the release of .NET Core and Visual Studio 2017, you can deploy applications to multiple operating systems.  And with the rising popularity of JavaScript UI frameworks, you can choose whether to stay with ASP.NET Core MVC or use a JavaScript framework.Building Web Applications with Visual Studio 2017 shows you how to build a site in Core MVC, and the three most popular JavaScript frameworks: Angular 2, React, and Aurelia. What You Will Learn:  • Build a data access layer with Entity Framework Core • Build a RESTful service with ASP.NET Core MVC • Build a website with ASP.NET Core MVC and Bootstrap • Build the same website in Angular 2, React, and AureliaWho This Book Is For:Intermediate to advanced .NET developers

Author: Philip Japikse

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