C#: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to C#

This book will help you in learning C# in an easy manner as it provides step by step approach for learning C#. It will cover all aspects of OOPS, namespaces, methods, loops, collections, delegates, classes, and interfaces.It has been designed to prepare you for writing C# programs on your own using the best coding standards and best practices for naming conventions. This eBook provides the best practices and naming conventions for C#, and they are consistent with Microsoft .Net Framework and are easy to read.This book will help you learn the various parts of C# programming language, .NET library, and how to use Visual Studio. This will help you to solve coding problems using C#.C# is on a par with other programming languages like Java, Python, C, C++, and others because of a strong backing by the IT giant Microsoft itself. It provides the best security and seamless integration with other Microsoft libraries. C# is used to create desktop applications as well as web applications.Each feature of the C# programming language performs a particular functionality which are very helpful for a software developer to create high quality projects for clients. You will also learn code refactoring in C# so that your code uses a disciplined technique without altering its functional behavior so that the code becomes more maintainable by becoming more readable and with reduced complexity and higher extensibility.

Author: Liam Damien

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