A Beginner’s Guide to C-Sharp-CH14: INI Files – Configuration Files (ABGC)

Chapter 14 (75 pages) shows how to read and write INI files - configuration files. Although INI files are considered old-fashioned, now replaced with xml, config, and the Windows Registry, I find them very useful and most programs I write still use them – just because they are more flexible than these other designs.This chapter describes everything you need to know about INI files and the end-result is a general-purpose routine that can be added to your utility library. About this series: A beginner's guide to C-Sharp programming with Microsoft's Visual Studio, 2017. A complete programming guide. Simple, step-by-step, fully illustrated. Tailored for new and novice developers. Discusses basic techniques that all programmers need to learn. This series is sold by Chapters at a low cost. A total of 28 chapters, in three volumes. Over 1800 pages, 900 quality illustrations. Why am I distributing by chapter? To keep the cost down and to keep each section manageable. This book acts as a reference guide. Topics are covered in great detail, with little time spent on theory. The goal of these books are to solve programming problems quickly and efficiently. I hope you enjoy reading and studying these pages as much as I have enjoyed writing them. --TRW

Author: Tim R. Wolf

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