Introduction to Unity 3D with C#: The Exodus Adventure

Introduction to Unity 3D with C# - The Exodus Adventure is a step-by-step self-study tutorial for beginners. It teaches, with detailed screenshots, how to build a high quality, Third Person view, 3D Puzzle Adventure game based on the Book of Exodus. Students are provided with high quality 3D character models and a large 3D Environment to work with. We also include a complete game soundtrack with stingers and combat music for the students to use in their projects. This tutorial details in step-by-step process (with screenshots) how to design, program and develop a 3D Bible Adventure Game using Unity 3D and C# using the following puzzle game mechanics: - 3rd person controller using Unity's Mecanim animation system- Walk, run, jump, turn, crouch, and interact with objects- Interact with actors and objects- Display Dialogue to the player- Item Management- Main Quests to advance the plot- Side Quests to immerse the player in the times- Explore the environment- Full screen map and mini-map showing key locations- Quest Journal to manage quests- Create a variety of puzzles for players to solve- In-Game Cut-Scenes for dialogue without player intervention- 2 In-game Cinematics for Game Opening and EndingIntroduction to Unity 3D with C# is presented using a combination of over 340 color pages of course notes and actual C# coding examples. No prior programming experience is necessary, but familiarity with doing common tasks using Microsoft Windows is expected. Introduction to Unity 3D with C# requires either Microsoft Windows 10 or macOS, ability to view and print documents saved in Microsoft Word format or Adobe Acrobat, and the Unity 3D Game Engine. Source Code and multimedia download files are avable from the publisher's website ( after textbook registration.

Author: Biblebyte Books

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