Object Oriented Programming with C# 7: Write Reusable OOP in C# using Delegates, Reflection, Generics, and more.

A comprehensive guide of OOPS as a language paradigm for developing and understanding the benefits of writing good code through C#Key FeaturesGain an overview of OOP in C# through this interactive and engaging guideLeverage the latest features of C# 7 like Tuples and DeconstructorsExplore examples to build a strong foundation for programming paradigmsBook DescriptionObject-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm organized around objects rather than actions and data rather than logic. With the newest release of C#, there are some new additions that improve Object-oriented Programming. This book aims at teaching object-oriented programming in C#, in an engaging and interactive way.It will start by introducing the C# language essentials and goes on to explain OOPS concept through C# letting you utilize the concepts through simple programs. You will learn how to make use of interfaces, structures and properties to write pure OOP code in your applications. Then the book will introduce some of the advanced features that come with the language like using Delegates, Reflection and Generics. You will learn the secrets of writing good code by following the design patterns and practices and grasp a good understanding about problem statements with the solution. At the end of the book, a separate chapter will be dedicated to OOP specific interview questions and how to tackle them.By the end of the book, you will be comfortable in OOP with C# and will be ready to take your skills to the next level.What you will learnMaster the fundamentals of OOP paradigmExplore different types of exceptionsUtilize C# language constructs efficientlySolve complex design problems through understanding of OOPUnderstand the templating support in C# languageUnderstand the various types of .NET collectionsConvert an executable piece of code to a complex functional project Who This Book Is ForProgrammers and Software testers who have a basic knowledge of C# programming will find this book useful. No knowledge of OOP in any other language is expected.

Author: Raihan Taher

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