SQL Server with C#

SQL Server with C# ApplicationsCreating a full database application from scratch can be a challenge. You need to understand the basics of database design, as well as the specific Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and its SQL. You need somehow to interface to this from your application which, by the way, you also need to design. You can get far with frameworks, but can you go all the way? Do you have a well-performing and maintainable solution? This book aims to guide you through the jungle. SQL Server is chosen as the main RDBMS, while the database-interface design is demonstrated to work with Oracle as well. The real-life sample application is written in C# using classic Windows Forms. However, the main design and databaseinterface is equally relevant for WPF and ASP.net. The database framework used is ADO.net. The author works with embedded systems and previously wrote the book "Embedded Software for the IoT". Creating database-based tools, he faced the challenges described, and refined a pattern over time.

Author: Klaus Elk

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