Unity 2017 By Example: Kickstart your game and virtual reality development career with Unity

Unity 2017 By Example: Kickstart your game and virtual reality development career with Unity

Develop efficient and professional level games by learning Unity 2017Key FeaturesBuild four different types of game with Unity 2017Clear and concise instructions to build great games from the most popular genresBuild immersive virtual reality experiences with the new features introduced in Unity 2017Book DescriptionUnity is the most exciting and popular game's engine Within game industry. With it's 2017 release Unity has become the primary source of game development as well as virtual reality content throughout the world.In this book, you’ll learn how to use Unity by making amazing games from popular genres; from Action shooter to a mindbending Puzzle game, from Adventure to a VR game.Even if you have no previous experience of Unity, this book will help you understand the toolset in depth.You'll learn how to create a time-critical collection game, a twin-stick space shooter, a platformer, and an action-fest game with intelligent enemies. Finally, you'll create a VR game with the new toolsets introduced by Unity which aids in developing immersive virtual reality experiences.Clearly written and accessible, this book presents you with step-by-step tutorials for making four great games in Unity 2017 and explain all the fundamental concepts along the way. Starting from the ground up and moving toward an intermediate level, this book will help you establish a strong foundation for making games with Unity 2017.What you will learnUnderstand core Unity concepts, such as game objects, components, and scenesLearn level design techniques for building immersive and interesting worldsLearn to make functional games with C# scriptingUse the toolset creatively to build games of different themes and stylesLearn to handle player controls and input functionalityDive into the process of working with terrains and world-creation toolsImport custom content into Unity from third-party tools, such as Maya and BlenderGet to grips with making both 2D and 3D gamesWho This Book Is ForFor this book, you don't need to have any previous experience with Unity; you will cover all the basics about game development with Unity. You will need to have some basic knowledge of C#.About the AuthorAlan Thorn is a multidisciplinary game developer, author, and educator with 17 years of industry experience. He makes games for PC desktop, mobile, and VR. He founded Wax Lyrical Games and created the award-winning game Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok, working as designer, programmer, and artist. He has written 23 technical books on game development and presented 19 video training courses. These cover gameplay programming, Unity development, and 3D modeling and animation. He has worked in game education as a senior lecturer for Teesside University, a lead teacher for Uppingham School, and a visiting lecturer for London South Bank University. Currently, he's the Head of Department for Games Design and Development at the National Film and Television School.

Author: Alan Thorn

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