C#: C# For Beginners Crash Course: Master C# Programming Fast and Easy Today (Computer Programming, Programming for Beginners) (Volume 2)

Master C# Programming Fast and Easy Today Made by programmers for programmers Over 50 code examples in this guide! Have you always been interested in developing applications or websites? Ever thought learning to program in C# would be too hard or take too long to learn? Then this guide is for you! Designed for Beginners This guide is designed to be used by complete beginners to programming who are taking their first steps in to the programming world. The guide will take you through all basic concepts that you will need to develop any application or website. Easy To Learn Concepts and Practice Examples We break down all concepts in to bite-size easy to understand chunks for you to effortlessly digest and learn. All concepts taught come with a comprehensive set of examples that you can use to practice the theory. A Technical Textbook Without The Technical Jargon This guide was intended to not only get you in to a position where you can freely program your applications fast but also to make you in to an amazing programmer. To make this happen we have included a very comprehensive list of concepts for you to learn that we feel you will be required to get you to have a level of understanding equivalent to someone taking an expensive paid educational course. What Will I learn? Basic Level Concepts These concepts will give you the grounding of what C# is, why you should use it and get you started by creating your first Hello World program. C# and .Net programming structureVisual Studio interfaceCompiling and executing C# code Learn and understand how to use the following: VariablesOperatorsData TypesConstantsNamespacesComments Intermediate Level Concepts These concepts will push your understanding to a level where you will be able to face most problems and create solutions to resolve them. Learn what Arrays are and how to use them in C#Learn about Strings and what you can do with their methodsLearn about Loops and all their different versions and usagesLearn how to correctly use Conditional Statements such as the IF and IF ELSELearn about Methods in C#Learn how to about Exception Handling in C# Advanced Level Concepts Once you have learnt the Basics and Intermediate level concepts, you will have a solid understanding of what C# is, how to use it and what C# can do for you. These final concepts are not just to do with C# but also to do with programming as a whole. In this guide we have taken these complex theories and broken them down so they are easy to read, simple to understand and contain straightforward examples to reinforce your understanding. You can take these concepts and apply them to almost any other programming language. These concepts will teach you to become a better programmer as a whole and are not uncommon to be used as interview questions by employers. Learn what Classes and Objects areLearn about Inheritance Learn about PolymorphismLearn about EncapsulationLearn about Multithreading We aim that by the end of this guide you will be at a level where you can call yourself a programmer and are well on your way to becoming a C# programming master! Buy this guide now and start your new C# program today! C#, C# programming for beginners, C# for Dummies, C# course, C# guide, Learning C#, C# language, C# examples, C# tutorials, C# programming language, C# coding

Author: Raj Ali

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