C# for beginners: Learn The basics Step by Step

**FREE EBOOK IF YOU PURCHASE THE PAPERBACK VERSION** C# is one of the most widely used an important of all modern programming languages. If you need to learn c# quickly and painlessly this is the perfect book. you will begin by learning the core features of programming variables, constants, functions and data types. you will move on rapidly to learn about object orientation and the more advanced features of C# and the .NET frameowkr such as file-handling, data-streaming, dealing with exceptions (errors) and overriding methods. Even if you start out as a complete beginner, by the end of this book you will have built a really solid foundation of programming knowledge and skills. if you have some basic knowledge of C# but want to brush up your skills, or even if C# is your first programming language, this book is for you. Learning C# programming is suitable for beginner programmers. Step-by-step, this book explains how to write C# code to develop windows applications using either the free visual studio community edition or a commercial edition of microsoft visual studio you will learn the basic fundamentals of computer programming with C# loops, how to print on the console, how to use arrays, how to work with numeral systems, how to define and use methods, and how to create and use objects. along with the basic programming knowledge, this book will help you understand more complicated concepts such as string processing, exception handling, using complex data structure (like trees and hash tables), working with text files, defining custom classes and working with LINQ queries. The concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP) an established approach in modern software development will be covered in depth. This book contains very useful and in-depth information on how C# works. it is newbie friendly book which voers many advanced topics like threading and the new parallel extensions. if you want to study .NET frameowkr from it's foundation then this is one good book to keep on shelf. it covers a lot of basics and the flow of information is very digestable for newbies to C#. This book present a complete methodology for solving programming problems, as well as algorithmic problemes in general, and shows how to implement it with a few sample subjects and programming exams. this is something you will not find in any other book on programming GET A COPY TODAY!

Author: William S. Rothschild

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