C#: Learn C# FAST! The Ultimate Course Book (Beginners to Advanced)

"Learn C# Programming - Made Easy"Buy It Now For $9.99 $2.99 (70% Off)*OFFER* Buy a paperback copy of this linux book and receive the Kindle version for only .99 cents!There is in fact a whole host of reasons why to learn how to code, computers have always made things easier and performed difficult tasks quicker than humans could ever do.  With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning a lot of jobs done today by hand will in the future will be automated and performed by robots. However, programming is safe from automation and there will be a continued increased demand for coders.So why learn the C# programming language? One of the main reasons you should learn C# is that it is beginner friendly and was designed to be simple and easy to use.  What you read in a C# program reads somewhat similar to what you read in the English language. C# takes away most of the complex detail at the machine level so you can focus on programming instead of having to focus on complicated detail.  Another main reason to learn the C# programming language, which is backed by Microsoft, is the toolsets and framework available to you. Visual Studio the graphical development environment that you can use to write your code. It is widely considered as one of the most feature rich, powerful development environments on the market. It is one that is open source and offers a free licence of Visual Studio. The .NET framework provides you will hundreds of pre-built libraries which you can use to build websites, work with file systems, implement security etc.C# is one of the most popular programming languages and closely resembles Java.  Popularity is an important consideration for programmers because it usually dictates how much resources are available online for the language.  C# is a very flexible language. The range of applications which you can develop with c#, .NET and Visual Studio is almost limitless. You can develop native windows applications, REST API, mobile applications, ASP.NET websites, Unity games, or even cross platform Xamarin apps that will work on both iOS and Android. You can do this with other programming languages but not without a series of third party tools to make everything work whereas a C# developer will have a very cohesive well supported environment. Should you take up a full-time role as a C# developer you can expect an average salary in the range of 55k - 121k in US Dollars.  C# has a very positive future.You Will Learn...expressions and statementsmethods and propertiesdecision statments and flow controlEnumerationsInterfacesIndexes,generics,collectionsLinqAnd SO MUCH MORE!"A Must Have for Computer Professionals"Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button for instant download.

Author: Gary Mitnick

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