C# Programming in Byte-Sized Lessons

C# PROGRAMMING IN BYTE-SIZED LESSONS is a self-paced training course which will teach you to write software in Microsoft's popular C# language from scratch. It is also suitable for existing students of the language and experienced programmers as a work of reference. The content is up-to-date with version 7.2 of C# (released November 2017).The book contains 180 individual lessons, each with a learning objective, content explained in plain and simple language, and a question or exercise for you to try yourself. All questions/exercises have a model answer provided at the end of the book. No previous knowledge of programming is required.The book will guide you through the process of installing Microsoft's free Visual Studio 2017 programming software. You will learn to write and run your first C# program. As you progress through the book you will be able to write programs which input and output data, perform arithmetic, have conditional behaviour (if then else statements), perform actions repeatedly (iteration), and store data in properties and variables. You will be able to structure your code using methods and manipulate data in arrays and collections. Troubleshooting your programs via exceptions and debugging is also explained.When you have more experience of programming, the book will show you how to organise your software using object-oriented programming (classes, inheritance and composition), implement sophisticated logic elegantly with LINQ, manipulate data in files, and perform mathematical calculations. Many other advanced topics are covered in detail with worked examples that you can try out for yourself, as well as the exercises.PAUL RICHARDS has been a professional C# programmer for several years and is currently working as a software developer for a growing telecoms company. He is also an Associate Lecturer in computing for the Open University, teaching Java to undergraduates. Paul has a BSc in computing and a PhD in artificial intelligence.

Author: Paul Richards

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