C# Programming: Updated for .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5 (Become an Expert) (Volume 2)

C# Programming UPDATED FOR .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5 AND VISUAL STUDIO 2013(BECOME AN EXPERT Book 2) This book explores C# programming using Microsoft Visual studio 2013 and the “.NetFramework” version 4.5. It begins by explaining what C# is and how it is related to the “.Net Framework”. The book then explores how to set up the environment ready for programming and how this involves downloading and installing both the “Microsoft Visual Studio 2013” and “.Net Framework 4.5”. The structure of programs in C# is then discussed. From this chapter, you will get to know the syntax taken by a C# program and the elements which must be present for it to function effectively. The data types supported in C# have been discussed in detail along with how to declare the various types of data in C# and type conversion in C#, which is also known as “Type Casting” has been discussed. You will get to know what it is and how to perform it for the various types of data in C#. After reading this book, you will know how declaration of variables of different types is done in C#. Decision making statements are explored in detail and, thus, you will be able to write programs in C# with the ability to make decisions. Loops are covered in the text and you will be in a position to nest loops in C# as well as the art of “encapsulation” in C#, with no detail being left out. The book will also guide you on how to declare methods and classes in C#. The following topics have been explored: Definition Setting up the Environment Structure of the program C# Data Types Type Conversion in C# Variables in C# Decision Making in C# Loops in C# Encapsulation in C# Methods in C# Classes in C# Download your copy of " C# Programming " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

Author: Daniel Perkins

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