Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment

Key FeaturesIncorporate popular development practices to prevent messy codeGet acquainted with the tools involved in CI, such as Jenkins, Git, and Gulp, and see how these tools complement each otherGain an end-to-end overview of Continuous Integration using different languages (JavaScript and C#) and tools (Gulp and Jenkins)Book DescriptionThe challenge faced by many teams while implementing continuous delivery is that it requires the use of many tools and processes that all work together. Learning and implementing all these tools (correctly) takes a lot of time and effort, leading people to wonder whether it's really worth it. This book sets up a project to show you the different steps, processes, and tools in continuous delivery and the actual problems they solve.We start by introducing Continuous Integration (CI), deployment, and delivery as well as providing an overview of the tools used in CI. You'll then create a web app and see how Git can be used in a CI environment. Moving on, you'll explore unit testing using Jasmine and browser testing using Karma and Selenium for the app. You'll also find out how to automate tasks using Gulp and Jenkins. Next, you'll get acquainted with database integration for different platforms, such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Finally, you'll set up different Jenkins jobs to integrate with NodeJS and C# projects and Jenkins pipelines to make branching easier.By the end of the book, you'll have implemented continuous delivery and deployment from scratch.What you will learnGet to know all the aspects of Continuous Integration, Deployment, and DeliveryFind out how Git can be used in a CI environmentSet up browser tests using Karma and Selenium and Unit tests using JasmineUse NodeJS, npm, and Gulp to automate tasks such as linting, automated testing, and minificationExplore different Jenkins jobs to integrate with NodeJS and C# projectsPerform Continuous Delivery and Deployment using JenkinsTest and deliver a web API

Author: Sander Rossel

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