Data Analytics: Intro to Big Data and SQL Programming Mastery for Beginners (Volume 1)

Learn All About Data Analytics and SQL Programming with This Comprehensive Guide for BeginnersImagine what your next job interview would be like if you could speak to the evolving trends in big data and data analytics. How would potential employers view you if you had an additional skill set like SQL programming, an essential skill for almost any organizationBest-selling author, Bruce Rogers, presents another classic beginner-friendly guide in SQL programming and his findings on the impacts of data analytics within our world today. Bruce has spent years studying and working in IT, and has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field. Through his books, Bruce aims to teach the next generation of dreamers and creators how to leverage IT to make an impact not only in organizations, but across the world.In this book you'll learn: What is data analytics? Why is data analytics important? What is Big Data and Data Science? How does data science tie into big data? The basics of SQLBONUS: How to categorize information using DB operatorsPick up your copy NOW and start learning all about data analytics and SQL programming with this comprehensive beginner's guide!

Author: Bruce Rogers Mr.

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