Database Development Elucidated: A PRAGMATICALLY APPROACH TO DATABASE With MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2008 (Volume 1)

The book has eleven chapters; each chapter introduces new topics or throw more light on a topic already treated. Chapter one deals on Introduction to relational database and MS SQL Server 2008, chapter two deals on System Requirement, Installation of MS SQL Server and starting MS SQL Server Services, chapter three talks about Dos and Don’ts in Database programming, chapter four talks about Database Creation, chapter five talks about Microsoft SQL Server Data Types, chapter six is about the things you need to know about Database Tables, chapter seven is all about Data Manipulation and Maintenance, chapter eight will teach you Methods of Data Retrieval, chapter nine deals on Programming in MS SQL Server with T-SQL, chapter ten talks about Improving Data retrieval and Query performance techniques and finally chapter eleven deals on Database Authentication and Authorization. The purpose of this of book is to ensure that you learn and know the basis of database development with MS SQL Server through teaching yourself, with the easy to go procedures, which you have to follow. It is also to skyrocket and to enhance your speed, technique and full implementation of the ACID nature of the DBMS of database development for those who are already database developers. Finally, to ameliorate some difficulties people encounter while developing database using MS SQL Server.

Author: Iwuala Chibueze

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