Developing More-Secure Microsoft® ASP.NET 2.0 Applications (Developer Reference)

Build your expertise for developing more-secure applications with ASP.NET 2.0. A leading security expert delivers best practices, pragmatic instruction, and extensive code samples in Microsoft Visual C# to help you develop Web applications that are more robust, more reliable, and more resistant to attack.Discover how to: Harden a Web server, operating system, communication protocol, and ASP.NET Validate input data with white listing, regular expressions, sandboxing, and other techniques Understand design and security implications of various cryptography approaches Integrate with Microsoft Windows security features such as impersonation, delegation and protocol transition Implement Web farm, single sign-on, and mixed-mode authentication Use provider-based features for user and role management and authentication Trace attacks with error-handling, logging, and instrumentation Lock down your application with partial trust PLUS—Get code samples on the Web

Author: Dominick Baier

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