Developing Windows 10 Applications with C#

Thanks to the Universal Windows Platform, you can develop applications that will successfully work on all Windows 10 devices including desktops, laptops, phones, Internet of Things devices, Xboxes and even HoloLens. The UWP allows you to use the same API set to create applications, which have adaptive interface and support variety of interaction models including touch, a game controller and a pen. Therefore, for the first time, you can use the same code base and even the same binaries in order to create applications for the whole family of the devices. This book will help readers understand the Universal Windows Platform in details. Reading the first part you can find basic information that helps you to create simple applications and even publish it to the Store. In the second part you can find answers to the questions how to integrate your applications with the operating system, use more advanced user controls and monetize your applications. Finally, in the third part, you can learn some topics about Azure, Internet of Things and more advanced graphic frameworks. Readers will learn how to: • Use XAML and basic user controls • Create efficient 2D vector graphics and animations • Handle input from touch, mouse, pen and keyboard • Create adaptive user interfaces for different screen sizes • Use styles, templates, and visual states • Bring your apps to life thanks to live tiles and notifications • Organize communication between Windows 10 applications • Integrate applications with some operating system contracts • Work with camera, networking and video • Use advanced user controls like maps, media controls, inking controls • Enable voice using Cortana and speech recognition API • Publish web applications to the Store • Build own user controls • Use Azure services that are suitable for mobile applications • Monetize applications using sales, in-app purchases and advertising • Create advanced effects using Win2D and Composition API • Publish existing Unity 3D games to the Store • Enable Internet of Things scenarios This book will work for anyone who wants to develop Windows 10 applications. Readers should be familiar with C# but no previous experience with XAML and Windows Runtime are needed in order to use this book.

Author: Sergii Baidachnyi

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