Exploring MDX Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012

This book is for anybody who wants to learn MDX language. We have assumed that you have got some relational database design and SQL language experience, and know basic concepts of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Throughout the book, we used practice database "Adventure works", which is very popular among users of Microsoft SQL Server environment. Inside this book you will find: - More than 350 MDX queries. - MDX functions are explained with simple examples. - Some topics like "All Level" explained in detail with various examples. - Detail analysis of each component of queries. MDX query architecture explained in detail with examples. - Contains simplified definition of functions with examples and their possible values. - Explains how to improve performance of MDX queries and best practices. This book is an important and valuable reference for those interested in learning and improving their MDX skill.

Author: Ashim Mazumder

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