Extract, Transform, and Load with SQL Server Integration Services: With Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2

Readers will learn how to use Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Integration Services (SSIS) by example as they design and implement extract, transform, and load (ETL) solutions to support a business application that integrates with a data warehouse and an online Web store across a heterogeneous system. In real-world applications, business systems will likely need to access data from more than one type of database. SSIS enables business applications to connect not only to Microsoft SQL Server, but also to Oracle and IBM DB2 databases, and others as well. Written by developers Tom Snyder and Vedish Shah, who have used SSIS in a production environment for several years, the book describes proven methods to support common ETL needs, such as databases communicating directly with each other, using files to exchange data, or performing database operations using Web services. All the tools used in the book's examples are freely distributed editions of software, so that readers can easily follow along with the examples.

Author: Vedish Shah

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