Functional C#

Key FeaturesThis book focuses on the functional paradigm of C#, which will give you a whole new angle on coding with C#It illustrates the advantages that functional programming brings to the table and the associated coding benefitsThis practical guide covers all the aspects of functional programming and provides solutions that can be applied in business scenariosBook DescriptionFunctional programming makes your application faster, improves performance, and increases your productivity. C# code is written at a higher level of abstraction, so that code will be closer to business requirements, abstracting away many low-level implementation details.This book bridges the language gap for C# developers by showing you how to create and consume functional constructs in C#. We also bridge the domain gap by showing how functional constructs can be applied in business scenarios. We'll take you through lambda expressions and extension methods, and help you develop a deep understanding of the concepts and practices of LINQ and recursion in C#.By the end of the book, you will be able to write code using the best approach and will be able to perform unit testing in functional programming.What you will learnDevelop an application using the functional approachImplement unit testing to functionally program codeCreate efficient code using functional programmingWork through a LINQ query so you can work with dataMake use of event sourcing to determine the current state of your applicationCompose asynchronous program to create a responsive applicationUse recursion in function programming in order to simplify codeAbout the AuthorWisnu Anggoro is a Microsoft Certified Professional in C# programming and an experienced C/C++ developer. He has been programming since he was in junior high school, and started developing computer applications using basic programming in the MS-DOS environment. He has a solid experience of smart card programming as well as desktop and web application programming, such as designing, developing, and supporting live use applications for SIM Card Operating System Porting, personalization, PC/SC communication, and other smart card applications that require the use of C# and C/C++. He is currently a senior smart card software engineer at Cipta Srigati Lestari (, an Indonesian company that specializes in the innovation and technology of smart cards.

Author: Wisnu Anggoro

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